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In the past 10 years, we have helped more than 100 brands make more than 500 classic makeup brushes for our customers!

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Whether it is the personalized design of makeup brushes or the customized service of beauty sponges, we can realize them according to your ideas.

More than 5 years of beauty tool design team, to carry out your design tasks. More than 100 design cases per year, completely free design, and provide fast sample production.

Professional Product Testing Equipment

Excellent product quality depends on the feedback of end customers and the data feedback of professional equipment testing. We provide vibration & drop testing for packaging, pull testing for cosmetic brushes, UV & salt spray testing, etc. The vibration & drop test of the packaging ensures that the product is safe during transportation, and other tests ensure that the product is durable and safe.

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We celebrate creativity and are in constant pursuit to update our designs and products.

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If a customer feels our quality has been compromised, we ensure that the product is exchanged with better ones.

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Irrespective of the volume of the order, attention to detail, and adherence to standards are taken seriously by us.

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Our packaging is done with care and delivered to your address as per your convenience.

Makeup Brush Factory from China

Professional natural brush manufacturer

  1. We are well versed in the characteristics of various natural hair, 30 years of natural hair production and processing.
  2. Self-sufficient high-quality goat hair, manufacturing affordable natural hair makeup brushes.
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Vintage craft handmade

Whether it is the production of goat hair or the production of makeup brushes, we use pure hand-made products. We believe in the convenience that technology brings us, but We pay more attention to the practicality and quality of our products.

Premium Synthetic & Natural Hair

Nano molecule

Nano molecule

Nano-fibers are made of nano-synthetic technology & anti-bacterial nano-materials. Advantages: high softness and good antibacterial properties, with rich hair, scales comparable to natural hair, and enhanced the powdering ability of the brush.

Collagen molecule

Collagen molecule

Collagen is the main protein in the connective tissue of the human body. It ensures the integrity, elasticity, and strength of the skin, cartilage, and bones. Adding collagen molecules to synthetic fibers gives synthetic fibers the characteristics & advantages of natural hair. The bristles are soft and fluffy & will not cause allergic reactions.

Bamboo Charcoal Synthetic Fiber

Bamboo Charcoal Synthetic Fiber

Bamboo charcoal is known as the "black diamond," made from bamboo. Use pure oxygen high temperature & nitrogen to block delayed combustion extraction. The synthetic fiber blended with bamboo charcoal has the characteristics of moisture absorption, breathability, antibacterial and antibacterial, and ECO-friendly.

Bionic synthetic fiber

Bionic synthetic fiber

Bionic fiber is a kind of artificial synthetic fiber that simulates luxurious natural hair. Bionic fiber can imitate the characteristics of various natural hair. The bionic fiber has artificial hair scales and good toughness, convenient for daily use and cleaning makeup brushes.

snow fox hair

Snow Fox Hair

Fox hair is one of the materials for making high-end makeup brushes, and each fox's hair has different characteristics. Fox's hair has black fox hair, red fox hair, blue fox hair, and snow fox hair is just one of fox hair. Snow Fox's hair is off-white at the root, and the color becomes grayer as it goes up. The elasticity is between gray weasel hair and squirrel hair, and the powder extraction power is weaker than that of goat hair. It is suitable for makeup beginners. Silky and fluffy to the touch, very fluffy after washing & easy to care after.

Luxurious Goat Hair

Luxurious Goat Hair

Luxurious goat hair is a type of natural bristle that is commonly used in high-end makeup brushes. Goat hair is prized for its softness and durability. The individual hairs are relatively straight and flexible, allowing for easy blending and buildable coverage. One of the key advantages of using goat hair in makeup brushes is that it picks up pigment well, helping to ensure even, natural-looking application. However, it's important to note that goat hair makeup brushes are not cruelty-free - they are made from hair collected during the animal's natural shedding season.

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