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All the details on the manufacturing of natural hair makeup brushes.

Various animal hair

Natural hair has a very delicate texture. It is an impeccable tool for blending and is efficient in applying makeup products. Natural cosmetics brushes are made of animal hair, usually sable, squirrel, or goat.

The use of natural animal hairs makes natural brushes costlier than synthetic brushes. The smoothness and glossy finish you get after using natural brushes are second to none.

Natural brushes work best for applying powder-based cosmetics items and mineral-based beauty products.

Let us dive into the nitty-gritty of producing natural hair brushes left to right.

Types of Natural Hair used in Makeup Brushes

Goat hair, horsehair, squirrel hair, fox hair, etc., go into making natural brushes.

Natural hair brushes have unique properties that synthetic hair brushes don’t. Its bristles have cuticles that pick up and deliver the makeup.

Now, let’s have a look at the types of animal hair available in the market and its unique benefits-

Squirrel hair

Squirrel hair

Softness, delicacy, and adaptability are the prime characteristics of squirrel hair. The length of the hair is the deciding factor for its functionality. Be it for finishing, powder, blush, highlighter, or eyeshade.

These brushes are great for applying eye shadow and highlight brushes. They provide a natural and sheer finish to your look. These brushes work best with powder-based makeup and not liquid-based makeup.

They work well with dry skin as they provide soft coverage and can give you an even application. Now, the majority of squirrel hair in China is imported from Canada. The hair obtained from squirrels has a beautiful earthy brown color. The quality is second to none.

Goat hair

goat gair

This is the most common type of fiber used in the production of Natural brushes. Goat hair is well suited for oily skin; it gives an even and flawless finish as it helps conceal the pores well.

These brushes are perfect for packing and applying powder-based makeup. Any brush can be made with this hair. Some manufacturers mix goat hair with synthetic hair to address its shortcomings.

They are selected from the best to make a perfect makeup brush. Hairs were picked from places where the temperatures were not as extreme. Temperatures where it is neither too hot nor too cold. Such weather conditions are ideal for goats to develop hairs that can be used to make makeup brushes.

Over a few decades, the industrialization of goat breeding has significantly impacted the quality of the goat’s hair. Ideally, the goat’s hair reaches its potential after two years of growth. Although, industrialization and rising demand have led to pre-mature harvesting of goat hair. Thus the quality of the brushes bears the brunt of this process.

Our suppliers ensure that we receive the highest quality wool, which has been through a two-year growth cycle.

Pony hair

pony hair

The best type of horsehair is pony hair. It is exceptionally durable and robust. Everyone perceives it as strong and harsh on the skin, but it is very delicate and soft.

Horsehair has an even-thickness root to the tip. They are used to apply blush, powder, and eye shadow. It can be used with liquid-based makeup as well.

Despite the elusiveness of good-quality horsehair. Industrialized rearing and few livestock aid quality horsehair sourcing for makeup brushes.
Horse raising by a few farmers makes bulk sourcing of high-quality horsehair difficult. Moreover, horsehair is hand-processed, which makes it challenging to produce in mass.

All the effort that goes into manufacturing horsehair makeup brushes is worthwhile. These are impeccable in their capacity to pick up powdered eye shadow and give you a more natural look. All you need is this brush to achieve smoky makeup.

Lynx hair

mink brush head

Made in Hubei Province, Lynx hair is obtained from the ferret badger. The hair’s natural color is white and black, and the hair maintains its shape and is firm.

These brushes can be shaped well and are perfect to be used as eyebrow brushes. It allows precise application and will not over overburden your eyebrows with color.

Weasel Hair

Weasel’s hair is characteristically short with less thickness. This makes it ideal for not just powder-based makeup but also liquid or cream makeup. The naturally yellow-colored hair has a good texture and high elasticity.

Weasel hair brushes can be used to achieve perfect eye makeup. It is soft against the skin and is delicate enough to be used on the eyelid. The hair adheres to pigments and beauty products effortlessly and gives a flawless application.

It can be used as an eye shadow brush that leaves a clear and natural makeup look. Due to its good elasticity is also widely used in lip, eyeliner, and concealer brushes. Sleek ends, good elasticity, durability, and water resistance makes it perfect for liquid-based makeup.

Grey Squirrel Hair

Grey Squirrel Hair

When it comes to most premium hair for makeup brushes, Greyhound squirrel’s fur tops the list. The hair is silky smooth and does not carry any particular smell.

Generally, squirrel hair brushes are mixed with other animal hair, such as wool, in advance. The reason is that pure squirrel hair is high-grade, too soft, and lacks toughness. When made into brushes, they will become shapeless and likely collapse. Brushes gain strength by adding wool in a percentage determined by the manufacturer. This brush is a perfect addition to your kit and provides a glossy finish to your look.

Dry mink

dry mink

Mink hair has good elasticity and is only used for making eyebrow brushes. It is the best brush for your eyebrows. Especially while using rich colors on your eyebrows.

Marten hair is multipurpose and can be used with many brushes. The scent, yet, is challenging to remove but not impossible.

Badger’s hair is the best choice for eyebrow brushes. It is mainly used in Japan for the production of makeup brushes. Yet, badger hair is thick with heavy peaks. When it comes to quality, these are best for making eyebrow brushes but are very expensive.

A Practical Guide and Manual for Animal Hairs

Procuring suitable raw materials

Sourcing suitable raw materials decide the quality of the last brush. Strategic sourcing of raw materials is key to the success of a new venture. Identifying which supplier is the best fit for your business model takes time and effort.

However, with enough history to make decisions, it is not an impossible task. In makeup brush manufacturing, having a trusted supplier is critical. The supplier pre-processes the hair, which will help your supply chain.

So, as far as natural hair is concerned,

  • Typically a supplier only stocks 1-3 types of animal hair. And most of the suppliers can’t manage to provide all types of natural hair as only a few rear hair. They are middlemen. So having multiple suppliers is the key to a larger market. This also helps you scale well as the demand for makeup brushes increases.
  • A manufacturer sometimes purchases the animal’s fur according to the geography of the animal. Further processing is carried out to improve animal hair quality and scale-up time.

Fermentation, peeling, cleaning, and size selection are various steps of processing animal fur. Generally, it takes 3-6 months or even longer to complete this process.

Quality management and sourcing

The hair’s quality can be determined based on the type of goat. Yet, to truly judge the grade of wool, awareness of every characteristic of goat hair is a must.

The best way to determine the quality is by thoroughly inspecting the hair. Once you receive the batch from the supplier, you can gauge the quality of the hair by the length of their hair tips. The tip of the hair is the sharpest part of the hair. The thinner the tip of the head, the straighter it is, and the higher the quality.

Now, let’s have a quick look at the different breeds of goats and the properties of their hair-

  • Hair sourced from Shuangqi cannot be used in makeup brushes as the quality is harsh. Using this brush against the skin can leave your skin irritated and hurt. So instead, this hair is perfect for the manufacturing of paintbrushes.
  • Huang Jianfeng is not an ideal sourcing choice for making makeup brushes. Because of the presence of impurities, and you do not want to compromise the quality of the end-user. A few suppliers fail to pre-process it to cut the animal smell.
  • Bai Jianfeng is often used as one of the materials for manufacturing brushes. Its hair peak length is about 3-4mm. Further, it can be made whiter through the bleaching process, vanishing the smell of goat hair.
  • Zhongguangfeng feels very natural and comfortable. It also offers great elasticity and softness which prevents skin irritation during usage. It sells best in our daily sales.
  • Xiguangfeng is the most luxurious among goat hair, with an average length of about 10 mm. The brush made from this hair feels cold when pressed on the skin. While the price is several times higher than other goat hair.

Pricing of Natural hair

For any new manufacturer or company that wants to deal with Natural makeup brushes, it becomes crucial to gauge and negotiate the price of the material based on quality. Although it is an art picked up over time, it is always a good place to start by reading up on it.

Here are some quick tips to get you started on understanding the prices of different types of hair-

  1. The price of natural hair is a crucial factor for makeup brush manufacturers. The price of this raw material is a crucial factor in determining the cost of the final product. This plays a key role in winning or losing a potential customer.

The price of natural hair depends on the market’s cost and availability of animal fur. It’s a simple demand vs. supply situation.
Moreover, the price of animal hair is ever-rising as the demand is rising. Animal hair brushes are considered a premium among the end customers.

For instance, the price of weasel hair in 2014 was about 4,000 yuan per kilogram. The current price is close to 20,000 yuan per kilogram!

  • The length of animal hair determines its price. For example – For every 100 kilograms of goat hair, an ideal length of 61mm-70mm is appropriate. It is only about 19% of the purchased volume.

So with the right supplier, you will know the quality of animal hair they deliver.

  • Suppliers may exert control over the business by selling a diverse assortment of animal hair in various regions. The price in such areas is directly controlled by them due to a lack of supply. Some produce is exported directly to other countries or regions at a sky-high price.

Other benefits of goat hair makeup brushes

Natural brushes are blissfully soft and delicate. They pick up the pigment thoroughly and evenly distribute it on your skin. Goat hair is specifically known for its glossy and natural-looking finish. It is also very versatile and can make many types of brushes.

In addition, goat hair is a commonly used material for making Mao bi. China has a history of more than 2,000 years of making Mao bi. The main manufacturing areas of Mao bi are Jiangxi, Jiangsu, and Anhui.


Are you a new wholesaler? Or a brand entering the field? Or a pro who is looking to expand its reach into other markets. At Sopheinia, we can help you fuel your game regarding makeup brushes. We hope this article has helped you gain a better insight into the industry. You can customize your brand of makeup brush and choose the perfect packaging with us.

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